How to Choose a Radon Pro

Radon - What You Need to Know Series

We get it. Most of us don’t know much about Radon.

If you are like most people, you have a vague idea what radon is and know it is possibly dangerous to your health. Even though we have known about the risks posed by radon in homes for 30 years or so, public awareness is still quite low. Oddly, while many of us worry about things like the dye in our foods we give little thought to the radioactive gas we are breathing in our homes.

This is not the PhD in radon but the field guide or the handbook.

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What do I need to know?

While you can find much more information on our site if you are interested, this is the “Radon 101” you need to make informed decisions about Radon for your family.

How to Choose a Radon Pro

What should I consider when hiring a radon pro?

While everyone is different regarding how much time and effort they put into hiring a contractor, it is a good idea to spend a little time making sure you are hiring a trustworthy radon pro. You can reduce the risk of various legal issues, quality issues, system performance issues, warranty issues, and frustration by doing this bit of work up front.

Hiring a radon pro is much like hiring any professional tradesman, but your family’s health is on the line. Below you will find out the three primary areas to consider a simple checklist you can use as you decide on a radon pro for your project.

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Get Multiple Quotes

There is no need to go overboard here but getting 2-3 quotes will ensure you are getting a fair price and give you Pros to choose between. Often, the first pro you talk to seems like a good choice until that 2nd or 3rd pro just blows you out of the water with professionalism.

Confirm Qualifications

Being a Radon Pro is a specialty trade and relates to making your home safe. Unlike something like being a handyman or building a fence, the qualifications and knowledge of your radon pro are a big deal.

States have different requirements for a radon pro to be qualified to fix high radon. Some require licensure, some certifications, and some stated are simply unregulated. You can look up the qualification requirements, installation standards, state radon office contact information, and state specific radon resources at our State Radon Standards page.

The state standards are a good place to start but may not be comprehensive and in an unregulated state not even exist. You still need to do the work to ensure your pro is qualified.

Check Your Radon Pro's Qualifications
Radon Mitigation Contract

Consider the Details

Contractors differ quite a bit in how they assure you of the quality of their work. Assuming a radon pro is qualified to do the work you should then consider several other things:

  • Did they come out an in person to give you a quote?
  • Did they give you a written estimate?
  • Do they use a contract setting out exactly what they are promising?
  • Do they offer a performance guarantee?
  • Do they offer system warranties?

Below is a detailed checklist for you to use in vetting your radon pros.

How to Choose a Radon Pro Checklist

You may not need to address every item on this list. That said, this list will give you ideas of questions to ask before you hire a Pro. You may get some pushback from the Pro when asking so many questions, but, if the Pro is not cooperative when trying to sell you a service, do you think they will be if you have an issue a year after the install?



General Qualifications

Did the Pro provide proof of meeting state qualifications?

Did you confirm the required qualifications with the state?

Is the Pro Nationally Certified through the NRPP or NRSB?

How long has the Pro been in the business?



General Assurances

Will the Pro provide references, pictures, or case studies of results achieved for past clients?

Did the Pro inspect your home’s structure before giving you an estimate?

How is the Pro’s reputation online? What is their overall review rating on Google? How many reviews is that based on? How recent are the reviews?

Can the Pro explain what the work will involve, how long it will take to complete, and exactly how the radon reduction system will work?

How does the Pro present themselves? Does their website, appearance, demeanor, and responsiveness increase your confidence in them or give you pause?

Will the Pro perform diagnostic testing (pressure field extension testing etc.) in designing your system? If no, why not?

Did the Pro ask to review your radon test results to ensure proper testing procedures were used?



Specific Assurances

Does the Pro carry liability insurance? What are the limits? Will they provide a certificate of liability insurance from their insurer?

Are the workers bonded?

Are the workers covered by workman’s comp insurance? Will they provide a certificate of insurance from their insurer?

Does the Pro guarantee the performance of the radon mitigation system? What are the specific terms of the guarantee? Does it guarantee initial or ongoing performance? both? For how long? Is the guarantee provided in writing?

Will the Pro guarantee the price for the work and the time needed to complete it?

Does the Pro provide for or perform a test to confirm the performance of the mitigation system after installation? Will the Pro honor the results of a third party performance test?

Does the Pro warranty the radon system? If so, what are the terms? Does it include parts? labor? both? For how long? Are any warranties provided in writing?

Does the Pro use a contract? If so, can you review it ahead of time? Does it limit their liability to a specific dollar amount? Will they sign it as well as you? Are the terms of the contract negotiable?

Are any guarantees or warrantees transferrable to a buyer of your home? What is the process to transfer them? Are there any fees or time limitations?

Will the Pro pull any necessary permits for the work and abide by all local regulations and building codes?

Will the Pro subcontract out any portion of the job to subcontractors? If so can they confirm the qualification and insurance of their subcontractors?

What will the Pro need from you other than signing the contract, providing access to the home, and payment?

Much of this checklist is derived from the helpful resource the EPA’s Consumer’s Guide to Radon Reduction [link to doc page]

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*Disclaimer: All content in this report, including: text, images, audio, or other formats were created for informational purposes only. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this Website. Neither should the content of this report be considered legal advice. You should always have contracts reviewed by a qualified licensed attorney before signing them.

**We cannot warranty or guaranty the work of the pros who provide quotes. The quoting process is intended to be a helpful start to your Pro selection process. A Pro’s performance on any job may differ, they may have new ownership, they may have new employees, their qualification status may change at any time, they may just have a bad day. In any case the best use of the free quoting request is as an aid in your own process to make an informed decision about which Pro to hire. You may request quotes in a area where we have not worked with Pros before. We will ask local pros to give you free no obligation quotes.

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